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Submission Format Requirements:

All submissions must be in Microsoft Word format, single-spaced in 12-font size.
Citations and reference list must be in APA format.

Page limit: 1 to 1.5 pages single-spaced. A link to a larger document, resources, or website can be provided through hyperlinks embedded in the article.

Please provide a JPG or PNG headshot image of the author(s) as this will be included with the content.

Submission Criteria

Content Outline & Criteria

The content of each issue may include:

  • Editorial,
  • Individual success stories for and about DNP collaborations that improved healthcare outcomes,
  • Success stories of local, regional, national, or international initiatives that include the contributions of DNP prepared colleagues,
  • Reports on the latest efforts for the doctorally prepared nurse to continue efforts to enhance practice and/or healthcare outcomes. These efforts may reflect: departments include:
    • Updates on how scientific principles are being applied to practice,
    • Exemplars of how organizational and systems leadership improve systems thinking to affect practice and/or outcomes,
    • A demonstration of how analytic methods of integrating evidence into practice helped to enhance outcomes,
    • Information about how systems technology was investigated and/or implemented  to transform healthcare,
    • Describe how health care policy was modified or enhanced to reflect advocacy to protect and/or improve outcomes,
    • Examples of Intra and interprofessional collaboration to improve patient and population health outcomes
    • The latest information regarding disease prevention and population health efforts to improve the nation’s health, and,
    • Examples of how advanced nursing practice improves outcomes through the efforts of a DNP prepared nursing professional in all areas of practice.
  • Other departments may include:
    • Mentor / Mentee Connections and examples of how this has made a difference in colleagues,
    • Continuing Education offerings and recommendations,
    • A discussion of how to promote scholarly projects through a Foundation, Doctoral Project Repository, and/or listing of DNP programs,
    • Conferences and events
    • Classified ads (looking for help or looking for a change).