Doctoral Project Repository: An Archive Of Curated Documents

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The Doctoral Project Repository is an archive of curated documents. This archive is not peer-reviewed and does not replace or presume any publication effort. Each listing is owned by the individual that uploads the completed academic scholarly practice project. This service allows you to share your ideas and work product into the scholarly community and also the consumer community.

There is a one-time $30 charge to post your scholarly project to this archive of curated documents. This nominal fee helps to defray the cost of building and maintaining this archive. Once uploaded and posted, the owner of the documents may share the URL web page address with any individual or organization desired. Each listing helps to educate patients, employers, organizations, and other stakeholders about DNP capabilities and competencies. Your posted scholarly practice doctoral project will:

  • Support a collaborative engagement with practice partners and employers,
  • Showcase DNP prepared professional’s impact on improving outcomes,
  • Disseminate DNP generated content for all interested in the theme, environment, and process of impacting the complex processes of health care delivery,
  • Build a foundation for sustainable change, future practice, and the research of practice scholarship, and,
  • Support the growth and development of DNP students in the process of developing their project.

Please note:

  • The listing does not replace or preclude a publication in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal,
  • The generated URL/web page is owned by the individual that uploads the project and does not preclude any other uploads to alternative sites or services
  • The author of the uploaded completed project retains all copyright to the work product.
    Project posting is for graduates. You may upload as a student but completion of the degree is needed for final posting of your work. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you have concerns about posting your work to a repository and future efforts to publish? Please know that a pre-print archive of documents is not considered a publication.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. publishing company shares it’s self-archiving policy here.

Elsevier publishing company offers clarification of their policy on this web page.

Springer Publishing Company’s self-archiving policy can be found here.

The National Institutes of Health and PUBMED address open access and self-archiving policies in this article.

Oxford Academic Journals shares their self-archiving policy on this web page.

Please share your talents and experiences by uploading an abstract and the full document reflecting your work. As an archive of curated documents, this repository is a vehicle to store and display your doctoral project.

The mission of Doctors of Nursing Practice, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization, is to improve healthcare outcomes by promoting and enhancing the doctorally prepared nursing professional. Join this effort and share your expertise to support this mission.