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Ana B

Hello Avery,

Unfortunately, I too have experienced this; when I got into nursing school, when I moved to the ICU, and now that I am pursuing CRNA school. I recently entered a LEAP program; where if I graduate, I am guaranteed a spot at a CRNA school. I currently work at the ICU unit, and I still struggle with telling people because I can feel the judgment from certain individuals; the negative comments about more loans, how difficult it is, “you think you’re so good huh”.

You shouldn’t be discouraged from sharing your story. Pursing higher education is something to be proud of. I have come a long way and getting into a CRNA pathway is an achievement that should be celebrated. I have come to learn that when you choose to improve yourself and want to learn more and remain an active lifelong learner that can come with certain negative comments. But don’t let this hold you back, because when you share your experiences, this can also create positive experiences for other people around. This creates an amazing opportunity to also influence the next generation of nurses. By sharing your experiences this can help others who are curious about higher education. We are all change agents, it’s if we choose to use our abilities for the greater good or not. I completely agree with David Vaughan’s post and thank you for sharing your story.