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Hi Susan,

Thank you so much for sharing your insight and all the information. I agree that this is a concern for the DNP graduate, having worked hard to earn the degree it seems only fair that the DNP should be allowed to use the title of doctor. I think the main concern does stem from confusing the patients in clinics and hospitals but as previously mentioned this can be corrected by using the appropriate title when introducing oneself to the patient. So rather then, “hello my name is Dr. Smith and ill be taking care of you today” instead shift to “Hello my name is Dr. Smith I will be your nurse practitioner or nurse midwife or CRNA whatever the case may be. However, there was a case in California where a nurse practitioner and DNP with an online social media account was referring to herself as “Dr. Sarah” although she did in several instances indicate that she was a nurse practitioner she still was fined heavily for fraud and is now in danger of losing her license. I believe there needs to be a shift in healthcare especially with a wider variety of professions, not just nursing, that requires a doctorate degree for practice. Why do physicians or medical doctors own the exclusive rights to use the term “doctor” in clinical settings?