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To my knowledge, my organization does not compensate specifically for obtaining an academic DNP degree. However, they compensate if an individual earns a degree higher than what is required for their position. So, if a BSN is required for a specific nursing position and the nurse earns an MSN degree, that nurse will be compensated with one additional step in their pay for their over-achievement. Additionally, my organization has generous tuition reimbursement for nurses pursuing higher education and many opportunities to earn educational scholarships. For those of us that have spent a large portion of our career paying off loans for our undergraduate work, this is a wonderful perk. In general, positions in my organization are compensated for the skills and knowledge (education level) needed to complete the work at hand. Nurses that have earned their APRN license along with a DNP degree will certainly be compensated higher than an RN with a BSN degree. These positions would be on completely different pay scales. Ultimately, if I am working at an organization that fosters a culture of support by offering financial assistance for advancement endeavors then that is what is most important to me as I seek professional growth.