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Rosemary Benavides

Hi Avery, this is a topic that definitely stood out to me. I believe that many nurses have, or will experience this type of discouragement at some point in their nursing career. I myself have also experienced forms of discouragement, or judgmental comments from some peers when I tell them I am pursuing my DNP. As we already know, the nursing profession is always evolving. Some of the most recent concerns in the nursing profession and in healthcare include a shortage of nursing faculty and a shortage in medical providers. There is now a strong urge, or push for nurses to purse advanced practice nursing degrees due to the increased shortage of medical providers. DNPs are qualified leaders and healthcare providers. Thus, nurses who pursue their DNP will help provide optimal patient care and assist in the shortage of providers. The other concern involves the role of the DNP as an educator. The lack of faculty nurses can also be addressed by encouraging DNPs to pursue careers as academic educators. As future DNPs, it is our responsibility to educate our peers and others on the importance behind pursing a DNP graduate degree and all the benefits that it provides for the advancement of the nursing profession.