Rania Qaqish

There has always been a shortage of nurses, this pandemic definitely made that problem even worse. Yes, we were running out of space and ventilators, but the shortage of nurses is nothing new. But this video was right, we cannot fix that problem with ventilators. I used to work in the medical ICU and I can tell you first hand that a lot goes into taking care of critical patients. I did not work in the ICU during COVID, but I commend the nurses that did. I am definitely open to the idea of using medical assistants as efficiently as possible. I also definitely agree physicians should be more familiar with nursing tasks, most physicians don’t know how to start an IV or even prime and connect a bolus to that IV. No one should be above any type of work, we need to foster a relationship and teamwork with healthcare professionals. These times are hard for everyone in the medical field, I do feel like nurses deserve more recognition for all that they do.