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Rania Qaqish

Hi Avery, I am glad you brought this up because I definitely deal with this issue when talking to my peers about pursuing my DNP. I feel like the response is typically negative from people that work in healthcare. My family and friends are very supportive and excited for me. However, when speaking with other nurses they usually have a negative response about pursuing my DNP. I definitely think there’s a way to go with the profession of nursing receiving the respect and credit it deserves. This can be done by educating our peers and patients about the role of DNPs and their educational background. I also believe that too many nurses are burdened with school loans. It’s actually sad that a profession that gives back to its community and is so selfless, requires their nurses to be stressed with a ridiculous amount of loans. I have also learned to cope with negative opinions and focus on my goals and positive thoughts. We need more well prepared APRN’s for this overwhelmed healthcare system. My hope is that over the next few years APRNs will be valued and utilized effectively.