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Alma Rodriguez

Hello Avery,
I have come across people that have brushed off the importance of a DNP degree once i have mentioned it to them. Thankfully I have also come across people that have praised my decision to go back to school and continue my education because they know the importance nurses make and can only imagine how much more knowledgeful we will be as we are equipped with more information and more skills in our pockets. I have come to the conclusion that the people that are naysayers don’t fully understand the importance in education and it is not someone I will probably go out of my way to ask for advice on education. I did a lot of research prior to applying to the program and realized this was something that I wanted to do for myself as well as my patients. I have also encountered people that have made comments such as “why dont you just go to medical school” or “you still won’t be a doctor”. I take this time to educate those people that I don’t want to do either of these, or I don’t understand why our community still believes that healthcare is a hierarchy system where physicians are at the top instead of a multidisciplinary team where there are many people working together for the same goal. I will continue to continue to contribute to changing people’s negative view on the DNP degree.