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Xochitl Torres

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) helps prepare and qualifies nurses for advanced positions in the clinical setting and executive and director-level roles that deal with policy development and decision-making. Thus, compensation and recognition in the job market should move to reflect the difference of scope of work and responsibility when compared to other advance practice registered nursing professionals. Doctor of Nursing Practice professionals are becoming one of the most common positions under the umbrella of advanced practice registered nurses with benefits of greater autonomy. They are charged with not only helping to treat patients but also lead plan of care with diagnosing illness. Some states in the country permit DNPs work without an attending physician or practice semi-independent. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurse practitioners make a median annual salary of 117,00 in 2020. However, up to date, no differentiation was made between the salary of Doctor of Nursing Practice and Nursing Practice health care professional. My hope is that as we move forward and the health care system continues to change and adapt, the market (patients, health institutions and insurance companies) see the benefits of leadership and autonomy in Doctors of Nursing Practices and compensation changes among these professions.