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The COVID-19 crisis changed the landscape of the healthcare system. Although the pandemic brought fear, death, and created many financial and social problems, it also exposed how broken the U.S. healthcare system is. It also brought to the forefront the essential role frontline nurses play in healthcare, and the impact nurse burnout and shortage can have on the healthcare system. I worked as an ICU RN on a COVID-designated unit throughout the entire pandemic. I witnessed the various waves and the enormous impact of the pandemic. Looking at the graph, I agree with the descriptions for each wave. I witnessed innumerable deaths during the 1st and 2nd wave. In addition, I saw the COVID-19’s impact on the quality of life for those patients who were fortunate to survive. Personally, the 4th wave truly hits home. The workload and management of critically ill COVID patients were extremely overwhelming. The feeling of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, stress, and exhaustion took a toll on my mental and physical health. Physically, I’m still trying to recover my strength and energy. Mentally, I suffer from PTSD and burnout.