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Xochitl Torres

Thank you for sharing resources about the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. I read the one on Professional Development Nurses Respond to The COVID-29 Crisis. As the article described, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged nurses and health care professionals at large in very new and unexpected ways. Probably, one of the hardest hit challenges has been staffing. On the one hand, nursing shortage was a phenomenon already present due to routine high levels of physical and emotional stress. With the pandemic the need for nursing personnel increased significantly. The health care system had to adapt, and hospitals started proving training non critical care nurses such as ER nurses, etc. to be able to meet the demand for nursing staff specialized in critical care. The pandemic created modalities of work that were not as common. As the article mentioned hospitals started to hold live orientations and classes to train nursing personnel. They started to provide teleconferencing and self-study skills labs. We are two years into the pandemic and staffing is a continuous issue. My hope is that innovative strategies are created to alleviate burden of care in nurses.It was good to learn through your post about the different trainings and resources nurses and nursing managers can access through the American Association of Critical Care Nurses website.