Anastasia G Paolini

This is an interesting point of view. I believe that the Covid-19 pandemic most definitely highlighted the importance of expertise in healthcare and certainly showed the huge importance of public health professionals. I also think that our use of technology has become a curse in the way that false information was so easily dispersed causing many problems for expert physicians such as Dr. Fauci to slow the infection. I am seeing this so much now with the vaccine and am praying that we are not going to see another wave of Covid-19 cases like last year. As as becoming a more serous country, I think after this pandemic people who experienced it will never act as before. People will be more aware of contracting disease, keeping themselves healthy, washing their hands etc.. but not sure how long they will keep cognizant of these health practices once we are over these horrible times. I agree with Whitney about American’s and their “I know best” attitudes concerning health rather than listening to the advice from experts but also believe that the media and spread of misinformation played a role in providing false information. I am not so sure with so many still not vaccinated that our country will change to completely taking the advice of the experts. Although I wish it would be so, I think there are always going to be that population of people that think they know best and unfortunately might have to pay the consequences for it.