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Aida Girma

According to a 2018 salary survey by Advance Health Network, DNP-prepared nurse practitioners earn more than their Master’s level counterparts; however, the difference in income is not very significant. However, there are other reasons one may consider attaining their DNP degree. The DNP degree expands one’s knowledge of healthcare delivery models, healthcare policy, quality improvement strategies, and translating research into practice. This equips DNPs with the knowledge and skills to impact healthcare systems and patient outcomes. DNP education also provides the student with in-depth knowledge on critically reviewing research and applying it in the practice setting to improve patient outcomes. DNP nurses can also participate in research to help generate new knowledge, improve nursing practice and advance nursing science. Finally, DNP nurses can contribute to the education and mentoring of nurses at universities and healthcare institutions.
For many nurse practitioners, the goal may also be the personal achievement of practicing at the highest level of their profession. The DNP degree offers an alternative to the Ph.D. degree, which is research-focused, for those nurse practitioners who want to attain their doctorate but remain practice-focused. There will likely be an even greater shift towards nurse practitioners earning their DNP degree with time.