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Patricia Boyle

Negative comments in life often come from individuals who themselves have insecurities in the area in which they are discouraging or talking negatively about. To be completely honest the very act of telling people I am in a doctorate program shocks myself. My experience with both telling others and remarking on others mile stone of being in a doctorate program has been extremely positive mixed with confusion and doubt. I love what the anonymous author stated about doctors wishing they had became nurse practitioners so that they could be involved with their family more instead of just education. I too have come across doctors who in addition to losing time with loved ones have substantial debt oppositely of nurse practitioners. Fear or discouragement often comes from a lack of education. I am excited when people ask me what a DNP is because I get the opportunity to explain the relevance of the doctorate nurse practitioner and the difference we are as practitioners. Often times when I am met with discouragement or confusion by other colleagues I encourage them to themselves get a doctorate. As nurses and lifelong learners we are one of the only professions that see education as a necessary part of our career. This element is instilled in us in our undergrad programs. We just need to refresh and remind our colleagues of its importance.