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Linh Tran

Thank you for brining up about this topic. DNP preparation and readiness for future roles has been greatly discussed over the expansion of more graduates and complexity in healthcare within recent years. Dr. Mundinger and Dr. Carter mentioned the expanded roles of leadership and scholarship has left practicing curriculum to be shortened. Indeed, DNP roles has expanded beyond advanced practice roles into administrative leadership, research, and faculty roles. Being in a DNP program right now, I do see many introductory courses of management and research which is doctorate core essentials. It does leave me wonder given the compacted program of DNP curriculum, how can we look for a better position forward. I do believe the current curriculum depending on each school will provide requires practicing hours and these hours are adequate to provide clinicians. However, for future clinicians who would like to specialize in their field, perhaps, new jobs should have a nurse fellowship program just as how medical school does have fellowship options in complexity fields. This will help nurses who are more geared towards practicing essentials while ensuring every DNP graduates can be a potential strong leader and researcher.