Ji B.

Like many ideas near the beginning of the pandemic in the US, this article provides some very good, albeit possibly idealistic, suggestions for how to address nursing shortages specifically. The part that was most impactful was the discussion on how barriers to the nursing profession need to be removed immediately; this is because it took a pandemic in order for anyone to consider that there are too many barriers to becoming a nurse of any level, and to practice accordingly, which applies to education in general within the States. One such barrier is the shortage of nursing educators in the field, as Gabriela addressed in her response, which creates a sort of catch-22 situation where a shortage of nurses is always inevitable. Adjusting state practice regulations for nurse practitioners may help address both parts of that situation (broadening an NP’s scope of practice could include teaching privileges). The author’s suggestions of utilizing senior nursing students for some of the more basic hospital care, and setting up a national nursing reverse corps could help address the issues surrounding the nursing shortage as well.

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