Abigale Schucker

Hi, Thank you for this topic!

Lack of clinical hours is a hard issue to solve. I am a big proponent for more clinical hours than 500, so not being able to obtain the 500 is challenging. I also feel that simulation only does so much good. I valued clinical time more than simulation when I was achieving my BSN. So I imagine it would be the same for my DNP degree. It is unfortunate to have to post-pone graduation for students who have to get their clinical hours, and I would be disappointed if I was in that circumstance. However, if that is what is needed to practice safely, then so be it. As a side note, I feel that DNP students, in a direct clinical care track, need more clinical hours to practice with more autonomy. Autonomy is something we are already trying to fight for, and more clinical hour requirements may give us a more substantial basis for arguments this argument across all states.