DNP Career Supporters

Information about Organizations that Endorse and

Promote the DNP Degreed Nursing Professional

Gleaned from the DNP Community Forums, Blog posts and other shared information, the following organizations have demonstrated support and encourage the

utilization of DNP prepared nursing professionals. We encourage you to endorse these entities if you have the opportunity.

Please visit the DNP Community to share your experiences.

Information current as of July 10, 2011

Organization / Entity Comments Source of Information
California State Defence Forces “I am routinely address myself, and am addressed as Dr. Lucky, the unite’s nurse practitioner. Most understand the difference between a role, a profession and the academic degree requisite for practice.” Dr. Daniel Lucky’s comment 2/21/2011
Cancer Institute of New Jersey “I worked at the CINJ, and used the title doctor and was never asked to stop using it.” Dr. Sue Doyle’s comment 2/26/2011
Columbia University Medical Center “My collaborative surgeon addresses me as Dr. Andrews to patients, families and his colleagues. He supported me throughout my DNP process.” Dr. Tracy D. Andrews’ comment 3/7/2011
Federal Government in the VA Medical System “Anyone who has earned a degree: PhD, DNP, OD, DO, etc. in any field may use the title Doctor. The largest health care networkin the USA has made it clear the “doctor” is not owned by MDs.” Dr. Roger McKee’s comment June 8, 2011
Marin Community Clinic in Novato, CA “I had no problem with calling myself doctor or being addressed by others, including MDs, DOs, and PhDs as doctor.” Dr. Anthony David Lecours’ comment 3/28/2011
MercyCare Trauma, a rurual health clinic operated by Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines, IA “They have supported by new title by changing in our local advertising, on our wedbsite, and in their next provider manuel.” Dr. Sherri Vesely’s comment, 3/2/2011
Nor Lea Regional Medical Center in Lovington, NM “The CEO, Physicians, and staff supports the DNP graduates and addresses them by Dr. without reservation.” Dr. Terry Sumpter’s comment 5/21/2011
Planned Parenthood in Southern California “I was recently awarded a grant from Planned Parenthood to return to school for the DNP.” Kristi Ann King’s comment 2/22/2011
University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine Clinic “No one here, patients or staff is confused about who is a physician and who is an APN.” Dr. Elizabeth Mendeloff’s comment 5/9/2011
University of Washington “It is unclear why the number one school of nursing in the US (or number 2 depending on the year) would offer tenure to DNP, but others with less standing in the academic community would not.” Dr. Darrel A. Owens’ comment 11/14/2010