2019 Digital Poster Presentations in Alphabetical Order by Primary Author

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The DNP Project: The Power to Shape Policy and Influence Change

Carole Bennett, PhD, APRN, Marion Alston, DNP, APRN, Shauna T. Johnson, DNP, APRN, and Kavinder K. Sahota, DNP, APRN

DNP-APRN Clinician Perceptions of DNP Education and Engagement in DNP Essentials

Brittany Christiansen, DNP, APRN, and Jane D. Champion, PhD, DNP, APRN

Targeted Education to Improve Delirium Screening Among Neuroscience Patients

Kim P. Dube, DNP, AGACNP, Elizabeth E. Friberg, DNP, RN, William C. Lombardi, DNP, AGACNP, and Regina M. DeGennaro, DNP, RN

Is it Time for the Addition of the “4th P” to Advanced Practice Nursing Curricula?

Darryn W. Dunbar, DNP, RN, Timian M. Godfrey, DNP, APN, Marianne K. Schallmo, DNP, APN, and Rita F. D’Aoust, PhD, APN

Video Discharge Instructions in Post-Surgical Bariatric Patients

Karen Gonzalez, DNP, RN, Andrea Long, RN, BSN

Lung Cancer Screening

Diane Kostrey Horner, DNP, APRN

Enhancing Skin Protection Knowledge and Practices of Veterans Administration Nurses

Remedios A. Jallorina, DNP, APRN, and Dana N. Rutledge, PhD, RN

DNP Role in Impacting Policy to Improve End of Life Care for Prisoners

Morgan A. Kochajda, DNP, RN, and Dianne Conrad, DNP, RN

The Use of Clinical Experience and Case Exemplars in DNP Education

Katherine Lothe, DNP, APNP, and Tracy Saladar, DNP, APNP

Evaluation of Clinic Reminder System Improvement

Diana L. O’Neil, DNP, PMHNP, and Marisa L. Wilson, DNSc, RN

Utilizing TeamSTEPPS to Improve Ineffective Communication in Long Term Care Settings

Airelle P. Rucker, DNP, CRNP, and Brenda Windemuth, DNP, CRNP

Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR): Learned Experience & Generated Research

Allison Scott, DNP, APRN, and Kelly Vowell Johnson, EdD, RN

DNP Prepared Faculty – Fact, Fiction, or Something in Between?

Toni Tortorella Genova, DNP, ANP, and Denise Menonna Quinn, DNP, RN