Provider Education and Reminders for the Diagnosis and Management of Overweight and Obesity in Pediatric Patients (0.17h)

Posted on: December 10th, 2021 by DNP Inc.
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This educational offering provides 0.17 CEU and was presented in the Clinical track. The course includes a static poster and an MP3 audio file from the presentation originally shared at the 14th National Doctors of Nursing Practice Conference at the Swissotel in Chicago, August 2021. Michelle Warren, DNP, RN Michelle Warren achieved her Doctorate of Nursing practice in May 2021 and her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing in May 2018, both from Valparaiso University. She is currently working as a family nurse practitioner, and prior to this, she was employed on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her favorite patient population is pediatrics, and she aspires to use her DNP degree to provide care for underserved populations and participate in missions work. Purpose Diagnosis of obesity in pediatrics is often missed. The result is a population of patients who do not receive accurate, timely diagnosis or treatment affecting patients’ quality of life as well as clinic quality improvement scores. The purpose of this presentation is to address the Healthy People 2030 goal of building a healthier future through effective treatment of pediatric obesity. The goal of this presentation is to increase provider awareness, provide methods to integrate provider reminders into primary care, and delineate steps to managing care for these patients.
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