2019 Breakout Presentations in Alphabetical Order by Primary Author

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Narrowing the Research-Practice Gap: DNP-Prepared Faculty Leading RN-to-BSN Students to Engage in Evidence-Based Practice

Christine R. Espina, DNP, RN, William Lonneman, DNP, RN, and Sarah Bear, EdD, RN

DNP Programs National Survey: Current Practices Regarding Faculty Project Team Structure, Group Projects and DNP Scholarly Project Final Products

Jeannie Garber, DNP, RN, Cindy Zellefrow DNP, RN, Sharon Guthrie, PhD, RN, and Linda Rousell, PhD, RN

Influencing at a National Level as Leaders in a Non-Traditional Setting

Beverly Hancock, DNP, RN, and Robyn Begley, DNP, RN

How to Engage DNP Students in Health Policy

Deborah L. Hopla, DNP, APRN, and Stephanie Burgess, PhD, APRN

Current Best Evidence about Nurse Practitioner Residency/Fellowship Programs

Karen Kesten, DNP, APRN, and Majeda El-Banna, PhD, RN

Military, Veteran and Family Care: Convergence of Policy, Preparation and Practice

Catherine G. Ling, PhD, FNP, Rita D’Aoust, PhD, ACNP, and Alicia G. Rossiter, DNP, FNP

Facilitating DNP Student Engagement in Health Policy: Informing and Advocating Through a Policy Brief

Karen Mihelich, DNP, APRN, Louis M. Davis, APRN, Noel Koller-Ditto, APRN, and Taylor Brazelton, APRN

The DNP-Prepared Nurse and Health Policy: A Formula for Change

Kathy Moran, DNP, RN, Rosanne Burson, DNP, APRN, Lisa M. Zajac, DNP, RN, and Grace Jacek, DNP, RN

Innovative Global Initiatives in DNP Education: Implications for Practice and Policy

Rhonda Oldham, DNP, RN, Martha Hawkins, DNP, APRN, and Rebecca Hoffpauir, Ph.D, RN

A Policy Process Framework and Policy Mentors: Two Strategies for Developing Effective DNP-Prepared Leaders

Teresa Serratt, PhD, RN, Pamela M. Gehrke, EdD, RN, and Sara M. Ahten, DNP, RN

The Expert Role of the DNP Prepared Nurse Impacts the Healthcare System From Bench to Bedside, Classroom to Boardroom

Monica L. Tenhunen, DNP, RN, Sarah Ann Keil Heinonen, DNP, APRN, Barbara L. Buchko, DNP, RN, and Jeanine M Frumenti, DNP, RN