2021 Breakout Podium Presentations in Alphabetical Order by Primary Author

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Telehealth Education: Impact on Provider Experience and Adoption
Kelli Garber, DNP, APRN and Tina Gustin DNP, CNS

How to Utilize Program Evaluation Models to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Sepsis Quality
Improvement Initiatives, Including Clinical Decision Support Tools
Rosemary Reiner, DNP, RN and Catherine Johnson, PhD, CRNP

Implementation of a Quality Initiative to Improve Stress Management in Healthcare Workers through a Rural Occupational Health Clinic
Crystal White, DNP, APRN,
Niessa B. Meier, DNP, APRN, and Charlotte Swint, DNP, APRN

Reimagining and Transforming the Training Process: A Move from Traditional to Blended Virtual
Jenelle M. Zambrano, DNP, RN, CNS, Angela Moore, MSN Ed., RN, and Miguel Ortiz-Reyes, BSN, RN